Mixed-used surface of 187sqm on the ground floor in Tolochenaz

Lieu: Tolochenaz, Vaud
Type(s): Atelier, Bureau, Mixte, Surface commerciale

Within our BEEZI center in Tolochenaz are still available mixed-used flexible and efficient surfaces that are dedicated to any light industrial or craft activity.

As a tenant of one of our centers, you and your team will be members of the BEEZI community. Therefore, common areas of all BEEZI centers of Switzerland are free of use at any time of the day for you to organize a meet-up with a client or a group working session with your team.

Ideally designed for mixed activities, the BEEZI area, in the heart of the building, enables you to optimize every rented sqm while benefiting from common surfaces and mutualized services.

Technical characteristics:

  • Ground-level access
  • Sectional doors
  • Freight elevator
  • Floor load from 0.5T to 1T
  • Ceiling height from 3m to 4m20
  • Reversible heat pump
  • Solar panels
  • 80 parking spots
  • Divisible from 150 sqm


  • Mutualized connected spaces
  • BEEZI community
  • Hubs around Switzerland
  • Food & Beverage area

Advantages of BEEZI

• Tenants only rent surfaces they really need for a productive activity, but they also benefit from additional spaces thanks to mutualization.
• Surfaces are bright and ergonomic with a panel of benefits – Tenants are encouraged to discuss with other companies and BEEZI members.
• Tenants profit from synergies generated with the BEEZI community.
• A food hub will enable members to have access to an on-site catering service.
• The building has been designed according to the latest standards in terms of energy consumption, environmental preservation and featuring extensive planting.

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Atelier, Bureau, Mixte, Surface commerciale
187sqm m2
Ground floor
Charge au sol
Max. 1T
Hauteur sous plafond
Max. 4m20
From CHF 240.-/sqm/year excl. charges & TVA

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Mixed-used surface of 187sqm on the ground floor in Tolochenaz

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